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Aluminium Form

Aluminium Form



Miretech sought to differentiate the Mico Panel from the beginning of its development. It is designed by considering productivity, construction efficiency, and quality based on issues of existing alform panel.

Box type reinforcing bands are applied to overcome panel strength degradation due to repeated use. This minimizes deformations, such as sagging. In addition, handles are installed to all reinforcing bands for easy handling by operators.

The box type reinforcing bands evenly distribute stress and the sagging (swelling) of the formwork is maintained within 1mm. In addition, the vertical reinforcing bands at the top and bottom of the panel allows for smooth distribution of concentrated loads at the time of formwork assembly and concrete pouring.

Mico Panel’s value increases the more it is used. Miretech’s Mico Panel is the new standard in the aluminium form rental and sales markets.