ISO 9001:2008
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Aluminium Form 4

Mire Deck

Drop-down type slab formwork is a safe, fast, and efficient assembly-installation-dismantling process developed to construct flat slab and Rahmen structure slab.

Mire Deck is designed to reduce construction cycle, reduce noise, and enhance construction efficiency at the construction site. By adopting a drop-down approach, the noise produced during the dismantling of slab panels is minimized and the construction time is dramatically reduced by systematizing the repeated actions that are required for dismantling and re-installation. The support interval of the supporting post is maximized by increasing the cross-sectional second moment of the main beam that supports the panel bottom. As a result, a large and desirable work space is secured.

In addition, all components are made from lightweight and high-strength aluminium alloy to minimize operator fatigue due to reuse.