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MIRE Form Tie System 4

Dywidag Form Tie System

It is used for the unique projects that require much higher tensile load than general projects to build outer wall with external formwork(Gang Form) and various internal formwork(Aluminum formwork, EURO formwork, Wooden formwork and Steel formwork etc.). In contrast to common method with dywidag cone, dywidag washer, dywidag nut and dywidag bolt, Dywidag Form Tie System can help to save material cost and reduce construction period by using dywidag unit and dywidag con bolt.

Dywidag Unit [ Tensile Load / 14,700kgf ]

Dywidag Cone Bolt [Assembly]

Pipe Flange

Flange Nut

Dywidag Bolt [ Tensile Load / 14,700kgf ]

Dywidag Cone Bolt [ Tensile Load / 14,700kgf ]

Assembly view