ISO 9001:2008
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Aluminium Form 5

MIRE TABLE (Beam & Slab)

The joints between the aluminium table and conventional formwork are designed to be set with minimal material, and the MIRE Prop supports the underside of the table with excellent rigidity for safe construction. 

Efforts to replace conventional formwork in construction sites have continued from the past to the present. The beam and slab, which are horizontal structures that are accompanied by the V/H separation during the construction of general structures, are still mostly constructed with wood formwork or Euroform. Miretech’s Table Form System is designed to maximize the construction efficiency of the basic panel of the aluminium form with minimum parts.

Miretech’s formwork system has implemented a convenient system that is customized to operators by applying the know-how in the development of formwork specialized parts, such as form tie system, used in the construction site.