ISO 9001:2008
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Aluminium Form 3


Formwork developed for efficient construction of vertical columns when laying out the V/H separation of underground parking lots and Rahmen structures.

Miretech’s Column Form Panel uses a completely different design approach from that of other companies. Box type reinforcing of the panel backside actively distributes the side pressure during concrete pouring to minimize panel deformation. In addition, to maintain the vertical angle and quality during concrete pouring, the 50X50, 100X100 out corner panels are manufactured to be thicker than other components in order to prevent damage during repeated use.

Handles were applied to the entire structure for smooth operations. And, when the panel is positioned vertically or horizontally, the panel’s reinforcing band and side rails are designed to be the same height with the vertical and horizontal reinforcement pipes. The interval and dimension of all the holes of the panel are manufactured to be compatible with Euroform, the conventional panel.